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    The Eero Aarnio Ball Chair - red interior

    White with red interior:
    from £350.00
    + £49.00 delivery
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    Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

    A cult and classic retro chair design.

    Great for relaxing, reading or even taking a phone call. The Ball Chair - or Globe Chair as it's called sometimes - was designed by using one of the most simple geometric forms - the ball. Cutting of a part and fixing it at one point Eero Aarnio comes to a remarkable result - a completely unconventional shaped chair:

    A Ball Chair is a "room within a room" with a cozy and calm athmosphere, protecting outside noisesl. Turning around its own axis on the base the view to the outer space is variable for the user and thus he is not completely excluded from world outside.

    The Vitra Design Museum notes in his brochure on the Ball Chair miniature: "It is something between a piece of furniture and a piece of architecture and at the same time embodies both the mobile and the established, the fixed."

    • Moulded fibreglass shell
    • Swivel function
    • Upholstered Walls and Cushions in Red fabric.
    • Reproduction in the style of Eero Aarnio's iconic original design
    122cm Total Height
    73cm Shell Depth
    102cm Shell Height

    Boxed-product Weight: 47 Kg


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